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Why Cruise Books?

- Have you ever thought about how many books bought and dumped each year?

- Have you worried about how difficult for underprivileged students to buy books for their Educations as books are becoming more expensive day by day?

-An estimated 640,000 tons of books are sent to the landfill annually. Approximately 320 million books are discarded each year and not being recycled.

-For low Income-Students, the cost of books can be a burden according to an article from "The Harvard Crimson"


-This same problem, I faced last year when I was struggling to buy new books as they are very expensive, and like me their are millions of students, those are suffering from the same problem. That was the lockdown period and I thought, I have to do some thing, I brainstormed My Mind and get the Idea to build Cruise Books, An onlined used books store to buy, store and sell used books, to provide books to poor students at lowest price possible, though starting journey was difficult, but at last, I did it.

Now, I am happy that I have solved two big problems of my nation, through this I saved tons of papers and resources used to built new books especially trees, also provided books to underprivileged students at lowest price possible to get quality education. Cruise Books was the first startup, I started and the success, I get through my hard-work and determination, led me to solve more problems and to start more initiatives.

What Cruise Books Had Achieved

These are some few but astonishing achievements that Cruise Books have achieved in short period of time. Our team will be going to work with more dedication to increase the growth of our initiatives, exponentially and to positively impact lakhs of lives in upcoming years.

Screenshot 2021-05-23 134953.png

I am delighted to share the achievements, Cruise Books has acheived, So, In last almost a year journey, I was able to raise $5,500 of funds.

Cruise Books has provided books to almost 10,000 students.

Happy Kids with Books
Forest Trees

Cruise Books has Resold over 30,000 books, saving almost 1900 Trees.

We feel Blessed to read them !

At Cruise Books, we’re proud of the great relationships we’ve formed with our valued customers. We’re excited to share some of their feedback with you and invite you to submit your own testimonial today.


Cruise Books is an amazing Initiative, I was very thankful to them for providing books at low-cost.


I sold my old books to them and bought some other used books which are needed to me, It costs me almost 10% of the new books.


Nipendra Singh

During pandemic,It was difficult to buy such expensive school books for my children, but cruise books made it easy.


It was very hard for me to buy new books for my senior year, my friend share me about cruise books, and it was amazing.


Prices of books are increasing, day by day there was an urgent need of such Initiative.

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