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Source: Ideate for India Feciliation Ceremony.

Facilitated By: Honourable Cabinet Minister "Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad" Minister for Communications, Electronics & Information Technology and Law & Justice, Government of India.

Abhinav Kumar Choudhary

Social Entrepreneur

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High School 




Making amazing Solutions using Arduino.

Learning Maths and Physics.

Web & Software Developing.



Table-Tennis, Volleyball & Football.

Film-Making, Writing.


-Make Quality Education accessible to Every Child.

-Building Schools where students will Develop skills, Solve Real Life Problems and Follow their Passion from early age.

-To provide basic needs to everyone.

A Bit About Me

From a young age, I’ve always had a sense of motivation and passion driving me forward. Whether it’s exploring unique opportunities, learning additional skills, or meeting new people, I bring these values to every experience throughout my life on a personal and professional level. 

I am from a small village from Uttar Pradesh, I faced many odds in my education journey, and also facing as I belong to a Small farming Family, but I am pleased for that, as, from these difficulties, I get motivated and passionated to end these difficulties for every child, Faces of Underprivileged Kids from my community motivated me to work even more harder, and I am pleased for that I am helping them from my young age, I have gotten a meaningful work for my life.

My only mission is to build our world better, For that, I am learning different ways, as much I can and implementing them in the real world to build better solutions to make a positive Impact, As a result, I am operating on many projects, driving social enterprises, campaigns and teaching others to make them able to contribute to make our world better

I am Being What I can for the Betterment of our World.

I am an Entrepreneur

My passion for applying what I learned to solve problems, developed an entrepreneurial spirit, as a result of this spirit, continuous hard work, and my enthusiasm towards solving problems led me to found amazing startups, non-profits, and campaigns. I am moving forward with them amazingly, Impacting and empowering Thousands of Lives to make them able to contribute to this amazing mission.

I am a Programer

In present, Technology is the mother of a perfect solution, and programming is one of it's part, So, to become a good problem-solver, I started learning programming, outside of my class. I learned basic languages, cultivated my coding skills, developed web pages, developed projects using Arduino, and Softwares. Programming nurtured me a lot to convert my many magnificent Ideas into real solutions.

I am a Mentor

I love to guide and help people in their difficult times, and my inclination towards it, steered me to be a mentor. I mentored many younger teenagers, and friends of my school to choose a good career path, to study well, and introduced them to many amazing opportunities. Soon, I found that there are many underprivileged children around me those who need guidance and for that I started a campaign cruise empower. Also, Mentoring children from different places by working as a volunteer in voice of slums.

I am a Social Worker

I am an Author

From my childhood, I have a natural passion for helping others and to make our world better for everyone. This directed me to start a campaign cruise empower to provide resources to underprivileged youth for their better education, also volunteering with non-profits to make a social impact. Currently, I am working as a Mentor at Voice of Slum, as a Fundraiser at WWF. I would definitely help many during this summer, and pleased to add more meaningful experiences to my life. Also, I am serving my society as a scout for the last 5 years and received a governor award for my social working spirit and dedication.

I love to write, Writing is one of my best friends, It helps me to Develop my thinking and reasoning skills to enhance me to my best self. I am a blog writer and author, Currently, I am writing a Career Guidance Book, as a part of my campaign which is going to be published at the last of this year.

I also write stories, and script of movies which have positive meanings. In the future, I would love to cast movies from these writings to make a positive impact on the viewers to be positive, help others and make them believe, " everyone has the potential to create a change".

Appreciation Tweets


Startups, Organisations & Projects.

Have a look at my projects below to get an idea of what I’ve worked on, how I implement my skills and my approach from concept to execution. I am Currently Running 7 Initiatives and Campaigns, all of are developed to provide better solutions to real-life-world problems, I am doing well with them and working to expand them as much as I can to Impact a large Number of lives. Also, I am working on a project to solve the devastating problem using technology. Reach out if you’d like to learn more about a specific project.


Cruise is a Non-Profit Organization founded by me to make a positive impact in my community, My eagerness to develop my community, helped me to found cruise.

Honors, Awards and Achievements.

Below, you will find a list of some of the best recognitions and awards I’ve been given throughout the years. It’s an honor to be acknowledged for my hard work and dedication, and I’m proud to share these with you.


The Pradhan Mantri Rashtriya Bal Puraskar, 2022.

 I am one of the four recipients across India in the category of Social Impact.  

The award is in recognition of my social enterprise, Cruise Impacts.

Conferred by the President of India and the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, this award is the highest civilian recognition for citizens below the age of 18.

Lending a Helping Hand

No matter how busy things get, I believe in making time to give back and lend a helping hand to those in need. Below are some of the groups and activities I’m regularly involved with, and the role I’ve played in each.

At Voice of Slum

 I am volunteering for Voice of Slums, A NGO for the welfare of slums, to educate them and make them stand on their own legs to give back to the world.
I feel proud to be a mentor for these children, I doing my work with great dedication to empower them to become successful.

Thank you Very Much,
For Giving Your Precious Time.

"Believe you can and you're halfway there"

Thankyou, For Staying here, I am very delighted to share my achievements, and I am thankful to each and every person who is helping me to pursue my mission of providing quality education to each and every child.
Feel free, If you want to be part of this amazing journey, We always welcome volunteers.
Also, Feel free to Share your feedback with me and Information about opportunities which would helpful for me to achieve my goals