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Cruise Empower

Guidance and Awareness are important for Development.

Cruise Empower is a Campaign to make aware Underprivileged Children about Different Opportunities and Programs going on for them By Government and Other Organizations and guide them on how to take benefits of them, also help them in applying and guiding them throughout the application.
we are also Providing Resources to them to prepare well to crack scholarships and entrance exams to make their future bright.
Soon, We are going to start mentoring farmers, as well, about organic methods and scientific techniques for farming to Eliminate Agricultural Pollution and To Guide Them about Different schemes and Methods to increase their profit.



Working Towards a Brighter Future

In India, the main cause due to which students from underprivileged communities are not able to make their future bright is lack of awareness and guidance about -
- how to make their future Bright?
- which scholarship they should apply for?
- How to apply?
- How to get quality Education Free of Cost?
- Best schools for them, which provide free of cost Education?
They don't have answers for these questions and no one is there to guide them as their parents are not so rich and not educated, also Most of Them are cutted from the Internet, they don't have smartphones, they don't have access to Internet, they don't know how to use them in a proper way.
Even in Government Schools where they study, Teachers are also not aware of such opportunities and they are also not able to guide them.


How We Work 

Meaningful Work. Unforgettable Experiences.

Our Start

Helping The Community

To tackle this problem we started Cruise Empower by Connecting Educated Folks from Various Villages, and Teachers from Schools, and many kind People connected with us to work as volunteers.
We provide them information about different opportunities/schemes and they share these pieces of information with underprivileged students of their village/area to make them aware, also they take meetings in government schools in their villages and help students in the application process, guide them for a better future, also mentor them to prepare well for scholarship exams and other entrance exams.


Where We Are

Reinforcing our Commitment

We are pleased to share we have connected with 10 schools ( Started with 2 schools ), connected with 15 teachers ( started with 3 Teachers ), and Providing Guidance to Over 2,500 ( started from 400 ) students, helping Underprivileged Youth in Making Their careers Better and Providing them resources to Apply for  Different Opportunities, Prepare Well for Them to get selected by which they will get support for their education.

Also, Soon our Career Guidance Book is Going to be Published which we will Provide to Needy Students Free of Cost, and at Low-Cost.

This Book will have all information about each and every opportunity, Applying Process, All Information about Careers, Schools, Colleges.

This book will be a complete personal mentor for every child and It is the best way, I think to tackle this problem.


Future Plan

One Step at a Time

We Are Mainly Focusing on The Education of Underprivileged Students and We Are Doing Our Best to Create Awareness Among Underprivileged Students and Helping Them to Take the Benefits of Opportunities that Are Built for Them.
And We are Trying Our Best to Expand our Campaign to Provide Mentoring To Every Needy Student.
We Are Very Grateful for Volunteers and We Always Welcome More Volunteers to Increase Our Family to Enhance Our Impact.
Soon, We Are Also Going to Start a Campaign to Increase Awareness Among Farmers About Organic Farming and the Different Scientific Techniques They Should Use in Farming.


Impact Created!

We would love to share, Impacts we have created so far.

Through Cruise Empower, We have Mentored around 2,500 underprivileged children about different opportunities and programs, through zoom meetings, whatsapp support and teachers  support till now.

Conducted over 40, Zoom meetings with our team of volunteers, continuously working hard to empower more underprivileged youth.

Through our continuous hard work we have connected with 10 schools, and providing guidance to students of these 10 schools through zoom meetings, and teachers support.

In our team, We have mentors from Prestigious universities, New York University, IIT Bombay, IIT Madras.

Our Mentors are Overachievers, we are providing quality mentorship and resources to underprivileged students.

Provided School Books to needy students at Zero-Cost, to continue their education without Hinderance.


I am very thankful for cruise empower to helping me by providing school books in such a difficult time.

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Thank you, Cruise Empower team

For your kind support, Now, I can continue my studies.


Rashmi Singh

It Is Much Needed Because Many Middle and Low-Class Talented Children Miss Many Opportunities Those Are for Their Benefit, and The Main Reason Behind It Is They Are Not Aware of Them as Well as There Is No One to Guide/help Them, Also They Don't Have Resources Like Internet, Smartphones.


Need Help

If You Need Any Help/Guidance Regarding College Application, Want to know about Different Prestigious Scholarships, Internships, Competitions, Olympiad, Exams, Programs and Events, or Need Help for Educational Resources, Then Feel Free to Contact Us.


"No-one Can Help Everyone But Everyone Can Help Someone"

Ronald Reagan


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